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A man sitting on the edge of the bed secretly talking to another woman, representing his girlfriend being the other woman.

Being the Other Woman: What It Feels Like and What to Do

Being the Other Woman No relationship is clear-cut, least of all affairs. When someone is the “other woman,” they’re romantically or sexually involved with someone who’s already in a romantic
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Two friends that are pulling away from each other, representing a sign that someone doesn't want to be your friend.

8 Major Signs Someone Doesn’t Want to be Your Friend

Even in a world where communication is instantaneous, it can be hard to keep up with friends, much less make new ones. In fact, our social circle begins to shrink
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A woman wondering how to get over someone you never dated.

How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated: 8 Easy Tips

Getting over someone is never easy. Getting over someone you never dated, however, can be a strange and perplexing experience. As much as you’d like to just snap out of
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A girl looking in the mirror thinking i hate my body.

I Hate My Body: What to Do and How to Improve Your Body Image

I Hate My Body We all think negatively about our bodies sometimes. Whether it’s recent weight gain or an imperfect complexion, so many of us dislike something about our physical
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A girl wondering is it normal to still love my ex

Is it Normal to Still Love My Ex? + Tips on How to Move Forward

Is it Normal to Still Love My Ex? Oftentimes, new relationships feel like a fresh start. Wonderful ideas like soulmates and true love become a reality, and we’ve never been
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A man wondering how to talk to a therapist

How to Talk to a Therapist: Tips and Helpful Talking Points

How to Talk to a Therapist and Get the Most Out of Your Therapy Maybe you’re interested in therapy but feel like your worries are too trivial for a therapist.
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