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A woman wondering how to get over someone you never dated.

How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated: 8 Easy Tips

Getting over someone is never easy. Getting over someone you never dated, however, can be a strange and perplexing experience. As much as you’d like to just snap out of
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A girl looking in the mirror thinking i hate my body.

I Hate My Body: What to Do and How to Improve Your Body Image

I Hate My Body We all think negatively about our bodies sometimes. Whether it’s recent weight gain or an imperfect complexion, so many of us dislike something about our physical
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A girl wondering is it normal to still love my ex

Is it Normal to Still Love My Ex? + Tips on How to Move Forward

Is it Normal to Still Love My Ex? Oftentimes, new relationships feel like a fresh start. Wonderful ideas like soulmates and true love become a reality, and we’ve never been
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A man wondering how to talk to a therapist

How to Talk to a Therapist: Tips and Helpful Talking Points

How to Talk to a Therapist and Get the Most Out of Your Therapy Maybe you’re interested in therapy but feel like your worries are too trivial for a therapist.
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A woman wondering how does therapy help in the treatment of depression

How Does Therapy Help in the Treatment of Depression?

Understanding Depression Depression is a serious mental illness that may feel overwhelming or isolating at times. However, given the proper care, even the most severe cases are treatable.  Also known
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A woman battling with anger and depression.

How to Help Someone Struggling with Anger and Depression

How are Anger and Depression Connected? “Anger is just sad’s bodyguard.” If you know someone who suffers from depression, you may resonate with this quote. Depression is more than just
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