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A concerned man on the phone wondering does insurance cover therapy.

Does Insurance Cover Therapy? How to Get the Support You Need

Does Insurance Cover Therapy? Quality mental healthcare is essential—but not always accessible. Before seeking professional help, it’s important to know what mental health services are available to you under your
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A family of four at the table thinking I hate my family.

Why Do I Hate My Family and What Should I Do?

There is no such thing as a perfect family. Just as all human beings are unique and flawed, every family is complex and sometimes difficult.  For some, family relationships are
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A woman with her two kids thinking I hate being a mom.

I Hate Being a Mom: The Why and What To Do

I Hate Being a Mom Sometimes… Is That Okay?  Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or on the career track, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Motherhood isn’t easy.  You’re responsible
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A woman wondering why does my husband hate me.

Does My Husband Hate Me? What to Look For and How to Fix It

No marriage is without its struggles, but sometimes, we can feel unloved or even hated by our spouse when things aren’t going well. Whether based on fact or feeling, negative
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BetterHelp vs. Talkspace vs. Emote

BetterHelp vs. Talkspace vs. Emote: Where Should I Go For Support?

Comparing Online Therapy Providers When 1 in 5 Americans cope with a mental illness of some kind, mental health services are crucial.  Unfortunately, resources aren’t always accessible or practical.  Online
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A man and woman performing couples counseling exercises.

Top Couples Counseling Exercises You Can Try At Home Today

Couples Counseling 101 We all struggle with relationships. No matter how much we love someone—or how much that person loves us—conflicts arise, mistakes are made, feelings get hurt.  Oftentimes, counseling
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