Do You Need Psychotherapy? – Common Questions

Seeking psychotherapy has become more normalized nowadays compared to before. In the past, patients struggled to find the help they needed, and they were also ostracized or forced to shrug their issues off. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Just as we need a doctor to treat physical ailments, the same goes for keeping our mental health in check.

This guide is for those who may need to seek psychotherapy. As you are looking through the following questions, you may be tempted to seek help in other ways. You may, for example, want to consider marriage counseling or talk with your HR about work. However, mental health issues are complex and need multiple, consistent solutions to overcome.

With that in mind, frame the following questions as a means to help you solve the issues, starting with yourself. Consider your own thought patterns and emotional triggers as you tackle each question. Note that either one or more can apply to you. Doing so will then help you determine what psychotherapy can do for you.

  • Am I feeling okay? Why haven’t I felt okay in a while?

This is a recurring question commonly associated with patients who may suffer from depression or generalized anxiety. Often, you may seem fine on the outside, but really, you feel either numb or indifferent internally.

Psychotherapy helps to better understand what is blocking you from enjoying what you are passionate about and being content with what you accomplish daily. A psychiatrist may either prescribe medication or help you process through thoughts as you discuss them.

  • Can I overcome what I witnessed? Why can’t I?

A traumatic event is another common trigger of mental health issues, like PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. It can be something that happened during childhood, like sexual or substance abuse, or more recent occurrences, like witnessing a fire in the home or being held at gunpoint. These are not mere events that you can simply gloss over or forget.

A therapist can help you cope with the memory of the event in a healthy way by suggesting changes in lifestyle or healthy habits like journaling or meditation. They may also resort to sessions of retelling the event and helping release damaging or negative thoughts or coping mechanisms.

  • Am I in a toxic relationship? Why can’t I get out?

You may be overly empathic towards an abusive parent or partner to the point that both your mental and physical health are deteriorating. Other family members and friends may also be worried by the fact that you don’t see you are in a toxic relationship or are being held hostage emotionally and mentally.

Aside from psychotherapy, you may need to either approach local authorities or relationship counselors. A therapist will help you process the ordeal you go through to stay in the toxic relationship and what toxic thought patterns or emotional triggers you may have developed over time.

  • What is my purpose in life?

Suicide ideation or suicidal tendencies are commonly associated with this question. You may have lost out on a big career or school opportunity, and thus you are rethinking your whole life’s purpose.

You may have also recently lost someone or something that makes it either hard for you to move on or keep going. These are tough situations to be in mentally, especially when you are processing them alone or have no tools to do so.

Seeking psychotherapy can help you better your mental state by reframing your current situation or thinking of solutions, rather than being stuck at a dead-end. Participating in a care group or support group and undergoing cognitive-based therapy are other examples of treatment.


If you are currently suffering from triggers or issues related to the aforementioned list, seek psychotherapy today and better your mental health one step at a time.

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