Making the Most out of Online Therapy

In a time like this where COVID-19 has severely impacted the way we live our lives, it’s no secret that doing the things we used to do is a near far-fetched possibility.

Whether it’s meeting up with friends or only going to the grocery store, these routine tasks have been tweaked entirely or outright canceled. Although the world has been under lockdown for more than half a year now, it is easy to still feel unfamiliar with everything that’s happening because of how unpredictable the virus can get.

Among the different tasks that we now follow in pursuit of a semblance of our old lives, there’s one activity that you’re probably having a hard time adjusting to: online therapy.

Seeking mental health care in the time of a public health scare

Although therapy itself can be quite awkward, it seems like trying to have the same session online is an even more uncomfortable experience for most people.

Admittedly, many are still unfamiliar with the whole switch from in-person therapy to telemedicine because of how new the entire idea is. After all, sharing with someone online and through a webcam is more challenging when you realize that it’s easier to be vulnerable if you get to hide behind a screen, which can be even more awkward.

With restrictions in place and patients forced to adapt accordingly, patients seeking better care during the pandemic are now urged to take the initiative to go digital. However, it is worth noting that this seemingly-temporary change may indicate what’s to come in the future.

How to make the most out of your online therapy sessions during COVID-19

As awkward or uncomfortable as it may sound to seek the help of a therapist in an online consultation during the pandemic, the truth is that you won’t have to “suffer” through a session if you come prepared.

If you want to ensure that you get the right amount of care as understand the new reality of mental health treatments, here are two valuable tips that can help you adjust with ease:

Tip #1: Set a specific time for therapy

When you take a look at the idea of online therapy as a whole beyond the initial awkwardness, you’ll probably realize one point: it’s more accessible when it comes to time.

The best way to break the ice during the start of your new treatment process is to figure out what time best works for you, and this can be determined by figuring out which time is best for you. Once you’ve figured out when you’re most comfortable in terms of having a productive and peaceful session, make sure to let your therapist know so that they can adjust and schedule the video call!

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to experiment with how your sessions go

Another crucial benefit (or silver lining, rather) of adjusting to online therapy sessions is that the room for creativity that you have for your session formats is much greater.

Considering that you can play around with a combination of text, audio, and video, you can figure out what mix works best for your needs and preferences so that you won’t need to go far out of your comfort zone. The professionals at Emote Life can help ease the adjustment process by creating several options you can choose from when putting your ideal treatment experience together!


Although the idea of being in front of a camera and talking to your therapist may seem like an uncomfortable and undesirable idea at first, you can make it easier to have a productive experience with the approach. By following the two essential tips mentioned above, you will ensure that you won’t ever have to worry about being too awkward in an online therapy session again!

If you’re looking to get online therapy in the United States, our specialists are here to help. Visit our website today to schedule an appointment with the best online therapist for your needs!