Managing Yourself – 5 Self-Care Tips for your Mental Health

The global coronavirus pandemic has not just dealt a blow at how vulnerable the world is when it comes to preparing against a health crisis, it has also revealed how unprepared we are in handling a mental health care crisis. People who suffer from mental illnesses are prevented from meeting their friends, family, and psychiatrists to help them during these trying times.

Caring for one’s mental health during a time when almost every kind of stress is present can be a challenging task to do alone.

 Practicing self-care

Self-care is one of the most challenging steps in maintaining one’s mental health. That’s why people consult with professional therapists to guide them through the process of staying healthy. However, now that the world has made it more complicated to seek guidance concerning one’s mental health, we also have to adapt and remember that we are still capable of taking care of ourselves.

In this article, we’ll share with you five self-care tips to manage your mental health:

 1. Take breaks from the online noise

Anything around the world can be accessed with the click of a button. Links, posts, and Twitter threads can reveal a rush of information that can lead to a rabbit hole of facts, opinions, and conversations.

Sometimes it can be distressing to see a constant flow of negative news in your feed. Although it’s your social responsibility to keep updated in current events, you should know when to give yourself a break from all the information. Managing your social media usage is an excellent way to stay updated while giving yourself time to breathe away from the internet’s negativity.

2. Stay connected with your loved ones

Connecting virtually to your loved ones is one way to avoid feeling like you’re alone in your struggles. Although you can’t meet in person for now, you can still see each other through the digital space. Don’t forget that social media platforms are useful tools to connect with your loved ones through messages, calls, and video conferences.

3. Indulge yourself in your favorite hobbies

Self-care is a crucial aspect to healing. Always remember to tell yourself that you deserve a break and to enjoy the things you love. Don’t forget to give yourself time to do activities that give you joy, whether it’s through cooking food, listening to music, or watching your favorite TV series. Taking care of your mental health is a lot about putting yourself in a positive headspace.

4. Join active communities

One effective way to stay healthy mentally and emotionally during times of stress is by finding a community to join. Though common forms of mass gatherings have been banned amid the pandemic, you can still feel involved by appearing virtually in groups and communities that share the same interests with you. Join hobby groups or volunteer organizations that are doing their part to help out other people during the crisis.

5. Connect with your emotions

Sometimes the best way to heal yourself is to give yourself an avenue to express your feelings and emotions. One effective way to feel in control of the stresses surrounding you is by journaling your thoughts and emotions. Instead of purely focusing on the negatives, try to strike a balance in noticing one negative and one positive thing that happened in your day.


The different types of crises and negative events that are happening now across the world can feel suffocating to anyone. However, you should always remember that negativity isn’t the only thing that exists. Positive events and movements are still present during these trying times.

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