Online Therapy – Help From a Distance

Before the pandemic, only a minority of patients received therapy online, especially when traveling or living far from their therapist’s office. And right now, amid the pandemic, people need mental health support more than ever, and online therapy is quickly rising.

With online therapy, you can conveniently speak to a qualified psychologist no matter where you are and whenever you want, making support within your reach—literally. When you’re feeling anxious, worried, and want to know how to deal with triggers, booking an online therapy session is an ideal way to get help.

If you currently need mental health support during the pandemic, you should consider getting online therapy. Need a bit of a push? Here are some of the reasons you should get online treatment.

What is online therapy?

Before we dive into the benefits, we’ll give you an overview of what online therapy is. Online treatment is similar to in-person therapy, the only difference is the setting.

Whatever mental health support you need, online therapy allows you to access coping mechanisms as you would during an in-person session. A psychologist will guide you through a video conference call or app through the sessions using schema therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy.

Online therapy is a relatively new concept, but the rewards are extraordinary. We might even see more of this in the future, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reasons online therapy might work for you


No physical barriers

Unfortunately, many people don’t get to experience therapy because of numerous physical barriers. This is because some who seek help live in rural areas far from the city, have physical disabilities, or leaving the home seems impossible, especially when you’re feeling low.

But with online therapy, these barriers are set aside, and distance is no longer an issue because all you need to do is to join a video call with your psychologist and seek help right away.

Saves time

Even if we’re stuck at home, most of us are still working remotely and doing regular household upkeep. Because of this, setting aside ‘me time’ daily can be quite tricky. If you need a therapy session right away, going to the doctor’s office isn’t ideal.

Thankfully, with online therapy, quick therapy sessions are possible, especially when you need instant advice on how to deal with triggers and anxiety attacks. Besides that, online therapy saves you valuable time because you don’t need to commute and drive to another location to get help.

In the comfort and safety of your home

The environment that you’re in plays a huge role in your therapy sessions. If you don’t feel comfortable in a place, it might be hard to open up and share your experiences and thoughts with your therapist.

Thankfully, now that online therapy is available, you won’t have to worry about putting yourself in an uncomfortable environment. Instead, you can speak to your therapist in the comforts of your home. Besides that, your therapist will have an idea of your living environment, giving them cues to help treat you.

And since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, practicing social distancing is essential for your physical health and safety. Because of this, online therapy is incredibly convenient because you can get the support you need without needing to go out and put you at risk of contracting the virus.


Now that you know how online therapy works and the benefits you get, you now understand that this method is a convenient, safe, and effective way to get mental health support from a distance. If you need immediate therapy, get therapy online, and start improving your mental health and well-being in the safety of your home.

Getting therapy and mental health support requires a lot of courage. Getting out of your house to meet your therapist can add up to your worries and inconvenience. Thankfully, you can get therapy online through Emote. We connect patients with qualified psychologists and help them get the support they need with just a few clicks. Sign up today and get your first week for only $10!