Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Whether you recently met your partner online or you’re long-time high school sweethearts, normal and healthy relationships are bound to change over time. Sometimes the change is good and you both adapt and grow, other times you find yourself in a toxic relationship with depression knocking at the door. Some behaviors clearly cross the line, such as abuse in any form, but much of the time, toxic relationships are not always obvious. 

Every relationship experiences some level of toxicity. It’s when your partner undermines and disrespects you consistently and purposefully that it’s time to take a step back. If you notice persistent unhappiness or you begin to feel uncomfortable and nervous all the time, keep scrolling to help determine if you’re in a toxic relationship and what to do about it. 

Am I in a Toxic Relationship? 

Ask yourself, do you and your partner spend more time fighting than not? Are you ever happy? Have your friends and family noticed different behaviors from you? If you have to ask yourself these questions and you think you’re in a toxic relationship; you probably are. 

A truly toxic relationship is much different than a rough patch couples go through. In a toxic relationship, you notice consistent destructive behavior from your partner, there’s too much passive-aggressiveness, nothing is ever resolved, and the lies and lack of privacy become too much to handle. If it’s toxic, it’s changing you and it’s not for the better. 

There are many signs leading to a toxic relationship, but it’s difficult to know if the relationship itself is toxic. Toxicity in any relationship is confusing and hurtful. You can try to blame yourself, circumstances or even family history, but in the end, none of that matters. Toxic is toxic no matter what the reason. If your partner is deciding what you can or cannot do, or if they’re not encouraging you to grow as a person, toxicity is present.  

Leaving, and Surviving a Toxic Relationship

Having, or being in a toxic relationship has nothing to do with your strength and courage. You started a relationship with your partner because you were attracted to them in various ways. The truth is, leaving a toxic person may result in things getting worse before they get better. But, they will always, always get better.  

Every relationship requires each partner to make sacrifices at some point, but none of those should be your self-esteem, happiness, or self-respect. A relationship built on love and trust nurtures, restores, replenishes and revives. It’s important to take care of yourself once you leave a toxic relationship. Surround yourself with positivity, practice self-care, take time for yourself, and talk to a professional.


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