The Importance of Spotting and Managing your Emotional Triggers

Emotional Triggers

It’s easy for people to get lost in their emotions and blame it on the event that triggered their response – be it due to a major change in your life or a simple inconvenience at work. While it’s normal to react to situations, it can often get in the way of leading a peaceful life as it can invite further complications.

An off-handed joke can destabilize you for the day, so knowing that a small stroke of bad luck can cause a negative domino effect can be unsettling since it’ll push you to constantly be on the edge.

These are emotional triggers that thrust you in a tidal wave of anxiety, anger, frustration, guilt, or shame, but it doesn’t always have to disrupt your stride or compromise your wellbeing.

What are Emotional Triggers?

Trigger warnings are a common phrase in recent years as more people are opening their minds to the sensitivities of other people. This includes people, words, opinions, and overall situations that can provoke an emotional response – be it a spark of anger, depression, anxiety, insecurity, or fear even from a blasé comment.

Other examples of emotional triggers include:

  • A person you respect or like rejecting you;
  • Someone leaving your life;
  • Feelings of helplessness in stressful situations;
  • Someone being emotionally or physically unavailable to you;
  • Someone being critical of your opinions or actions;
  • Someone ignoring you;

People suffer from these emotional triggers due to a number of factors such as trauma, ego preservation for those who have sensitive self-esteem, or strong opposing beliefs and values. Understanding your emotional triggers and where it’s coming from creates an opportunity for you to control your response, leading to a stress-free and more desirable situation.

Spotting Your Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers are complex and are not limited to a traumatic past. Some are situational, wherein an occurrence reminds you of an unpleasant event in your life. Others are social, wherein certain authority figures, being asked to do something out of your comfort zone, or opinions can spark overwhelming emotion.

The deeper your understanding of your emotional triggers, the better you can be at adapting to the situation and shaping your reaction. Keep in mind that different remedies apply to various situations. Social anxiety, for instance, can attack those who struggle to communicate with the opposite sex but can hold a confident conversation in business settings.

Spotting your triggers by practicing self-awareness can help you understand the situations or social interactions that put you at emotional and mental risk. Keeping a journal, for instance, can help you pen down your thoughts and analyze why you react the way you do.

The Bottom Line: Accepting Everyone Has Emotional Triggers 

Whether you’re coping from unpleasant happenings in your life or striving to create an enriching lifestyle, having the right guidance can make all the difference in supporting your emotional, physical, and mental recovery.

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