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1 in 5 adults report an unmet need for emotional & psychological support. We are here to help.

Emote connects you with top-qualified professionals at a fraction of the cost of in-person therapy.

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How Can Online Grief Counseling with Emote Benefit Me?

During the hardest days of our lives, emotional support is crucial. Unfortunately, there’s limited accessibility in traditional healthcare, and the grieving process keeps us all busy. But by communicating online, a grief counselor can step in when loved ones cannot. 

Not only can this be done at a moment’s notice, but you, as a bereaved person, don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts, hiring a babysitter, or taking additional time off work. You’re free to process your grief from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Through Emote’s online counseling program, a trained professional is available to guide you through this difficult but ultimately temporary period in your life. 

Benefit: Get immediate help and support at your convenience

When we are in mourning, it’s hard to take care of ourselves, much less our grieving children or spouse. However, through online grief therapy, help is available to you and your family members at a moment’s notice.

By communicating with an online grief counselor, your needs (and the needs of those also affected) can be addressed without worrying about practical things, such as appointments and waitlists. With Emote, any time during the day can be a time for therapy.

Benefit: Learn healthy coping mechanisms

If there is one thing about grief that is consistent, it’s that everyone experiences it differently. For some, this means complicated grief.

Complicated grief affects 10% to 20% of people, leading to feelings of loss so intense, grievers cease to function and struggle to come to terms with what’s happened. However, with time and mental health care services like online therapy, we can learn how to cope with grief and eventually make peace with it.


Benefit: Re-engage in daily activities and tasks

During the grieving process, the idea of returning to daily routines feels impossible. However, with the assistance of a professional counselor, your first step into a new normal doesn’t have to be taken alone. 

Whether through text or face-to-face video sessions, you and your counselor can work together to reconnect with life. This may mean returning to work regularly or continuing education and finishing school. Whatever it may be, an online counselor can assist you along the way.

Benefit: Work through your grief in a positive environment

Support groups are vital to the grieving process. Just as we need friends and family to provide in-person support, we can also rely on online mental health services like Emote.

Through virtual sessions, counseling can offer you tools and resources to deal with grief positively. In doing so, you may begin to see yourself—and your loss—in a kinder, more manageable light.

Benefit: Reconcile difficult emotions and anger

Though online therapy is not a direct replacement for traditional, in-person therapy methods, studies have suggested online therapy may be comparable in terms of effectiveness.

Speaking about difficult topics such as death is never easy. However, when communicating through a screen, you don’t have to worry about how you look, sound, or feel—all that matters is your pain and how best to handle it. For many, this is a powerful thing; it may help you cope and reconcile with the most difficult parts of grief.

Benefit: Find acceptance and move on healthily

Grief, in time, will pass. But that time doesn’t have to be spent alone.

By taking advantage of online resources, mental health counseling doesn’t have to be scary or expensive. Through Emote’s flexible online services, you can learn how to cope healthily and come to terms with your loss without worrying about scheduling or high consultation fees.

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When Should You Seek Grief Counseling?

Asking for help isn’t easy. Sometimes we don’t even know we need help. Other times, we think we don’t deserve it. That said, mental health professionals don’t think in terms of “need” or “deserve.” 

If you’ve experienced a personal loss, you’re entitled to empathy and care.

To know whether online grief counseling is right for you, here are a few things to consider.

  • If you’re struggling with depression from the loss of a loved one. Overwhelming sadness is part of mourning. However, grief can coincide with depression, a medical condition that requires care and attention. If you believe you’re suffering from depression, counseling services can serve as an aide to alleviate and even overcome symptoms.
  • If you feel that life is meaningless or empty without your loved one. Imagining life without your loved one is difficult. But it’s not impossible. Through counseling, you can learn to view life as your loved one would have wanted—bright and full of possibility.
  • If you’re holding onto a loved one’s physical belongings in unhealthy amounts. Grief is strange and impacts all of us differently. However, there is such a thing as unhealthy grieving. If you’re having a hard time letting go of physical belongings, especially little things your loved one did not value, speaking to a counselor may help you part with such items.
  • You are unable to work or function due to anger and negative emotions. Anger, frustration, blame—these extremes of grief are to be expected, but they can be harmful. If you can no longer function in your day-to-day life, or if grief has deeply impaired your physical wellness, a counselor can assist in addressing and coping with these intense emotions.
  • You’re unable to joyfully reminisce or remember the happy memories of the deceased. Grief clouds everything, even the good things. If you cannot talk about your loved one in a positive light, a grief counselor can provide you with the necessary empathy and insight on why this might be. In time, you can learn to cherish happy memories, no matter how painful they feel now.

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How Does Emote Online Grief Counseling Work?

Loss is part of life. Everyone at some point will go through grief. And at Emote, our goal is to provide human services for this very human experience.

With affordable prices and flexible scheduling, online counseling isn’t another obstacle to overcome during your grieving process. By working with a licensed counselor, you can learn to cope and come to terms with your bereavement without compromising crucial time to heal, reflect, and spend with loved ones.

To get started today, follow our quick and easy signup process.

Step 1: Sign up and choose the best option for you

To sign up for Emote’s online services, we’d like you to complete a short and easy quiz first. This will help us evaluate your needs and assign the right counselor for you. 

Step 2: Get connected with a qualified grief counselor that’s right for you

After logging into Emote’s web or mobile app, you will be matched with a counselor from your state. If a grief counselor is not currently available, you’ll be notified when one is. Once matched, feel free to get to know your counselor.

Step 3: Start your grief counseling

Once introductions have been made, counseling can begin. When it’s most convenient, you can arrange live therapy sessions over video chat or start discussing your needs over text.

Step 4: Complete payment

Your first week of grief counseling will only be $35. Once the first payment is complete, you can continue counseling over text message for $50 a week, with additional fees for live video sessions. We also offer versatile subscription plans.

Take a Step Towards Better

The stages of grief are less like a theater play with structured acts and intermissions, but more like improvisation, where we feel multiple things at once and make it up as we go.

Whatever you are feeling, Emote offers a safe space for you to express yourself.

Whether you are a young adult who recently lost a parent or older and recently widowed, you don’t have to grieve alone. Emote’s team of healthcare professionals is here to help you build and develop healthy coping mechanisms during this trying time. 

Be it through online grief support groups, reconnecting with loved ones, or picking up a new hobby, your counselor can offer you a wealth of tools and resources to use.

Remember: With Emote, you are not alone. 

Start today, and your first week of grief counseling will only be $35. If you wish to learn more about your future experience with Emote, please visit our FAQ page or reach out to us at [email protected]