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What are the Benefits of Online Marriage Counseling with Emote?

Couples counseling can tackle a wide range of marital issues, but for many, attending therapy just isn’t a practical choice. How can you and your spouse go to therapy when neither of you may not have the time or money?

The solution is simple: Emote’s online counseling services

By working online with one of our licensed marriage counselors, you not only receive the same benefits as in-person couples counseling, but you’re free to express yourselves from the comfort of your own home.

Not only is online therapy flexible, but it’s also affordable. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a monthly session when you can see your therapist online, every week, for a fraction of the cost.

Benefit: Heal any old wounds and let go of resentment

It’s possible to regain the trust you and your partner once shared with the assistance of a professional counselor.

You and your partner can work through any unresolved issues. It isn’t easy, but with consistent virtual sessions and a good deal of talking and listening to each other, you can overcome anything.

Benefit: Learn to resolve conflicts in a healthy way

Couples wait an average of six years before speaking to a couples counselor. Being unhappy or frustrated for that long takes its toll—not only on the relationship but on you and your partner’s mental health.

By speaking to a licensed therapist virtually, you can learn how to navigate conflict resolution as disputes occur. You can attend therapy alone, or with your partner by your side, either via messaging or live video sessions.

Benefit: Build better communication together 

Online couples counseling isn’t just for married couples. It can benefit unmarried couples, too. Through expert relationship coaching, couples can improve their communication skills and deepen their bond with one another ahead of any serious or long-term commitment. 

In fact, premarital counseling is so beneficial, couples who attended therapy have a 30% higher chance at a successful marriage than those who did not. With the assistance of a virtual therapist, a married couple can achieve the same success.

Benefit: For parents, develop better a parenting partnership

Couples counseling coincides with family therapy. As you would with a family therapist, a couples counselor is here to guide you and your partner or co-parent through parenting differences.

Whether it’s a matter of discipline, involvement, or empathy, parents can work together to reach a palace of balance and understanding.

Benefit: Build a stronger marriage and future together

Relationship therapy may feel like a last resort but in truth, you’re taking your first step towards a happier, brighter marriage.

After attending couples therapy, 93% of participants developed the tools they needed to handle their issues. Combined with the ease and accessibility of online sessions, you and your partner will discover that marriage therapy has a place in any relationship, no matter how strained or content. 

Through Emote’s virtual services, therapy is a benefit, not an obligation. By speaking virtually, you and your partner can strengthen your marriage in a way that is convenient, comfortable, and hopeful.

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How Does Emote Online Marriage Counseling Work?

As an online therapy platform, Emote’s goal is accessibility. You don’t need to meet any special criteria to apply for online couples therapy. All you have to do is follow our sign-up process below and wait to be matched with one of our highly qualified couples therapists or counselors.

Step 1: Sign up and choose the best option for you and your partner

To sign up, please take a minute to complete a short questionnaire about yourself and your goals for therapy. This way, we can assess you and your partner’s needs and match you with the best possible choice.

Step 2: Get connected with a qualified marriage counselor that’s right for you

Once you have signed up, you will be matched with an expert marriage counselor from your state. If one is available, feel free to introduce yourself and get a little more comfortable with Emote’s virtual interface.

Step 3: Start your counseling

To begin marital counseling, schedule your first appointment with your therapist. This may be a text session or a live video session. You may attend this session alone or coordinate with your partner.

Step 4: Complete payment

By signing up today, your first week with Emote will cost you only $35. After which, you can select a text and/or video subscription plan.

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Emote Online Marriage Counseling FAQs

If you’re interested in online marriage counseling programs, Emote is the place to start. By using our safe, reliable online platform, you’ll gain access to versatile therapy sessions through our web and mobile app.

To learn more about our relationship counseling services, we’ve prepared a list of answers and questions. To learn about our general services, please browse our main FAQ page.

  • Do we need insurance to get online marriage counseling?

No, you don’t need insurance to get online marriage counseling (or any of our other online services). If you do have insurance, our services may be covered. Contact your insurance provider to learn more.

  • How much does it cost?

Our goal is to provide affordable therapy, free of the high out-of-pocket counseling costs traditional therapy is notorious for. Your first week is only $35. Subsequent text-therapy sessions will be $50 a week, with additional fees for 30-minute or 60-minute sessions via video chat. You can also select a text/video subscription plan. 

  • Will our information remain confidential?

Our relationship experts differ from everyday relationship coaches or “love gurus”. They’re LMFT-certified professionals compliant under HIPAA laws and patient-therapist confidentiality agreements. User information and private correspondence are also encrypted.

  • Can we change counselors if we don’t like them?

Yes. If you or your partner do not “click” with your current counselor, you will be matched with another qualified expert when one is available.

  • What can we expect from an online marriage counseling session with Emote?

You can expect freedom, comfort, and flexibility. 

With Emote, a busy life won’t get in the way of therapy. By signing up for our online therapy services, you and your partner will work with your schedule rather than around it. You won’t ever have to worry about discomfort during in-person therapy or missed appointments. You’re free to chat and reschedule as you see fit.

Start Your Online Marriage Counseling 

Whether you’re interested in couples therapy or individual therapy sessions, online relationship counseling can benefit you and your partner in more ways than just one. By addressing mental health issues in the relationship or growing self-love and self-respect, relationship issues can be both manageable and amenable.

Like any form of therapy, this is a process. Thankfully, with Emote, you are not alone.

By signing up today, you’ll gain access to our versatile selection of online therapy programs, certified therapists, and licensed professionals. By communicating online, the comfort and needs of you and your partner will be at the forefront. Your therapy experience is entirely in your hands.

To learn more, reach out to us at [email protected] and strengthen your marriage today.