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Online sex therapy with a qualified professional

1 in 5 adults report an unmet need for emotional & psychological support.

People trust and improve their lives with Emote Online Therapy

What are the Benefits of Online Sex Therapy with Emote?

Sex therapy is like any other type of psychotherapy. The key difference is that sex therapists help patients address their sexual health, be it in regards to intimacy, gender identity, or sexual trauma. 

Online sex therapy works the same as traditional sex therapy, but with the added bonus of increased privacy, comfort, and accessibility. By communicating virtually, you and your partner are free to discuss your concerns in whatever way you choose—text, video chat, or a mixture of both. 

The best part is that Emote’s online therapy services are affordable! You don’t need health insurance to benefit from our remote sessions. 

Identify and address any issues in the bedroom

By participating in couples therapy or individual therapy, you can discuss your sex life free of worry or judgment.

For example, conditions like erectile dysfunction are very common, regardless of age. According to research, 26% of men under the age of 40 have experienced ED. And yet, sexual dysfunction is little talked about, leading to internalized shame and strained personal relationships.

By working virtually with a sex therapist, sexual problems of this kind can be addressed at a comfortable physical distance, but with genuine emotional honesty.

Become a better partner and build intimacy

Sex therapy doesn’t just target sexual desire or a lack thereof. Sex therapy can also be a form of couples counseling. One study showed that 98% of couples who participated in counseling were satisfied with their sessions.

The same can go for you. Under the mediation of a virtual therapist, you and your partner may grow closer in ways you might not expect.

Address and overcome sexual trauma

Many of those with sexual issues, such as sex addiction or sex repulsion, have also experienced sexual trauma. This sometimes hinders intimate relationships. By speaking with a trusted professional, you or your partner can overcome trauma and build a new, healthier relationship with sex and intimacy.

Rekindle the fire

It’s natural for sexual intimacy to wane throughout a relationship. It’s also normal for your libido to not match that of your partner(s). With the help of Emote’s online counseling services, issues such as these can be addressed and understood in a non-judgemental space. 

Communicate better in the bedroom

Perhaps you’re questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity. Perhaps life got busy and you no longer have time alone. Perhaps sex is not as exciting or interesting as it used to be. These things happen, but they can also create tension between you and your partner. 

With time and assistance from an online sex therapist, you and your partner can learn to reconnect and quell any conflict in the bedroom, past, present, or future.

Find solutions that work best for you

Sex and sexuality are closely attached to self-esteem. By working on yourself and learning how to accept your body, you’ll not only gain self-confidence but strengthen your immune system and boost overall physical health.

It’s all interconnected. Through online sex therapy, your growth is in your hands. 

How Does Online Sex Therapy Work with Emote?

At Emote, we offer affordable, on-demand mental health care to all who need it. Our sex counseling and therapy services are open to all individuals over the age of 18, including but not limited to members of the LGBTQ community, indigenous peoples, disabled individuals, neurodivergent persons, and people of color. All information on your identity is secure under our strict confidentiality agreements and HIPAA compliant systems.

Step 1: Sign up and choose the best option for you

Before signing up with Emote, we ask that you complete a quick, multi-choice quiz. This way, we can get to know you a little better and match you with a therapist who can meet your needs. After which, input your email and preferred name. 

Step 2: Get connected with a qualified therapist you like

Once you have signed up with Emote, you will have access to our exclusive chat services on Emote’s web and mobile app. You will then be matched with a qualified therapist specialized in your selected needs. If there are no therapists currently available in your state, you will be notified when one is. 

Step 3: Get immediate support and start your therapy

Once introductions have been made, feel free to communicate your needs to your therapist so they can understand you a little better. After which, you can start planning your mental health journey via text or live video appointments. If you are attending couples counseling, your partner is free to participate.

Step 4: Complete payment

Your first week with Emote is only $35. Subsequent payment plans can be chosen through our selection of subscriptions, including singular, weekly, or biweekly private live video sessions with your therapist.


If you’re interested in online marriage counseling programs, Emote is the place to start. By using our safe, reliable online platform, you’ll gain access to versatile therapy sessions through our web and mobile app.

To learn more about our relationship counseling services, we’ve prepared a list of answers and questions. To learn about our general services, please browse our main FAQ page.

Begin Your Online Sex Therapy Journey Today

Choosing sex therapy is a valid choice, no matter who you are. By prioritizing your and your partner’s needs, you can strengthen your bond with one another in a safe, familiar space.

Whether it’s tackling underlying sexual trauma or addressing sexual conditions like ED, Emote’s team of certified therapists is here to help. All you need is an internet connection and a phone or computer to get started. By communicating via text or live chat, you’re free to work with, rather than against, your schedule. 

With Emote, you’re not alone. Sign up today to get your first week of therapy for only $35, or reach out to us at [email protected] for any questions and concerns. 

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