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Your practice, wherever you are

Emote enables you to to find new clients and earn additional income through text and video-based therapy sessions.

Emote never costs you anything. It is available anytime, anywhere as long as you have a mobile device or computer with access to WiFi or cellular data.

Expand your reach with Emote.

Emote offers a comprehensive toolset to manage text and video-based therapy. The Emote platform not only provides you with a new means for managing existing client relationships, but offers your services to new prospects in the state you practice in.

Grow and monetize your practice even when you are out of office.

Offer more comprehensive support for time-sensitive issues that arise with your clients.

Offer your services everywhere you are, even while traveling!

Strict Confidentiality

We take your privacy seriously. All records of conversations are encrypted end-to-end and stored on a secure HIPAA compliant system.

No Up Front Costs

You will never have to pay up front. When you make money, we make money. Fees earned from therapy sessions are paid directly to you within 2-3 business days.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand therapists are busy and have urgent situations to tend to. With Emote, you set your own schedule and availability.

Rich and empowering features.

Interactive Chat

Texting gives you the flexibility to address your clients needs as they arise no matter where you are. Provide professional counsel without the hassle of personal presentation or the delay of a scheduled office visit.

Live Video Sessions

When face-time is needed, live video sessions can be scheduled at an additional cost to the client so that you can provide a higher level of therapy and be compensated accordingly.

Calendar & Availability

With Emote's included calendar, scheduling is easy and ensures your appointments do not conflict with each other or the availability you set for each day in your account.

Session Notes & Document Sharing

Emote makes it easy to record session notes and share documents with your clients, and it's all stored on our super secure HIPAA compliant system.

Get started in 4 easy steps.

Get set up

Fill in your bio, upload a headshot, and set up where you would like us to deposit your earnings. We will then work with you to load intake forms that follow the specific laws of your state.

Fill your schedule

Now it’s our turn. We’ll work hard to find you as many clients as you want. You can also encourage your existing clients to join Emote for added therapy options.

Do your thing

Now you’re ready to offer therapy through Emote! Clients can participate in interactive chat, full or half video sessions (50, 25 mins), or both.

Get paid

You’ll be paid securely and directly from your clients about two days after you provide service. We never see your money; it goes directly to you. Get more details about payments and revenue by signing up or contacting us below.

Are you a licensed therapist?

You can earn additional income and gain new clients with Emote online therapy.

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